“Español LCA” is a tailor made program designed in collaboration with the Language Center of the University of Vigo Foundation


Intensive Spanish Course  -    Cultural Immersion -    On-Campus Experience


  • Delivered by the Language Center of the University of Vigo Foundation, in the city of Vigo (located at the north of Spain, at the Atlantic Ocean)
  • Classes take place at the University of Vigo
  • Duration: 6 or 10 months
  • A custom-made program that is specially designed  for the international students who are interested in studying in a university in Spain
  • The teaching plan follows Cervantes Institute’s standards.
  • 30 % of teaching activities are conducted outside the classrooms, including trips, visits to museums, concerts, theaters, conferences, popular celebrations, etc. (all of them included in the tuition fees).




FRIENDS  We will help you to find a language buddy, a native Spanish student for regular conversations and language skills improvement.


UNIVERSITY You will be allowed to enroll in additional lessons at the University of Vigo, chosen from a portfolio of classes. That will help you to learn specialized vocabulary and choose your future major.


PROGRESS Continuous follow-up on the student’s academic results.

Español LCA brochure
Download our brochure to learn more.
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