“Español LCA” is a tailor made program designed in collaboration with the Language Center of University of Vigo Foundation. CENTRO DE LINGUAS UVIGO


It stands for “Spanish Language, Culture and Adaptation to Spanish university life course”, designed taking into consideration the unique characteristics of those international students who are willing to be admitted to a University in Spain.


During the program the students attend Spanish classes at the University of Vigo. The course allows them to reach the level of language needed and discover Spanish Culture. To increase their commitment and integration with the University, and to make the program eve more entertaining, up to 30% of educational activities are conducted outside classrooms. The students will participate in numerous trips, cultural visits, and other popular events. The aim of this program is for our students to experience Spanish university life, become a part of the campus and get ready for the first year of the university in Spain.


Campus Spain will tutorize the students and help them with their everyday live during the entire first year in Spain. Thanks to that they will make friends at the University, feeling safe and confident from the very beginning.


The cultural activities included in the program (city tours, trips, conferences, museums, popular celebrations…) will be provided with no extra fees.




ESPAÑOL LCA brochure
For more details on the Español LCA course, download our brochure here.
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