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Intensive Spanish Course. On-Campus Experience.




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Live and Study

in Spain.

Spanish-LCA is a custom-made program specially designed for international students interested in studying in a university in Spain.

The teaching plan follows "Insituto Cervantes" standards.

Classes take place at the University of Vigo.


Intensive Spanish course.

Delivered by the Language Center of the University of Vigo Foundation, in the city of Vigo (located in the north of Spain, nearby the Atlantic Ocean).


You will know the Spanish culture: trips, visits to museums, concerts, theaters, conferences, popular celebrations, etc.  (All of them included in the tuition fees).


We will always be with you 

and you will have at your disposal a language buddy, a native Spanish student for regular conversations and language skills improvement.

live and study

Your key to the Spanish university.

Once you finish Spanish LCA course you will be eligible to access  any of the 84 Spanish universities (50 public and 34 private)

They all deliver top level education in all fields of study and at all levels (Bachelor's degree, Master's and PhDs). At the same time the tuition fees in Spain are very affordable. 

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Your itininerary


Our team will accompany you in all the necessary procedures: Before leaving your country, upon arrival to Spain, during the SPANISH-LCA Course and with all the procedures to access the Spanish university.

You will never be alone

Step 1 of you itinerary


your arrival

· Assessment and counselling.

·  Admission.

· Visa support.

· Search for the housing

   (on/off-campus, host family or shared apartment)

· Health & accident insurance.

· Support with legalization of documents required

   for the university application.

Right after your arrival

Step 2 of you itinerary

· Airport pick-up.

· Welcome pack: guide, public transportation card, SIM card.

· City tour in Vigo and the Campus.

· Bank account.

· Residence permits.

Step 3 of you itinerary

While you attend Spanish-LCA course

· 24/7 local emergency contact.

· Follow-up on the academic progress.

· Counselling to help you to choose your future university and field of study.

· Homologation your prior education diplomas

   before the Spanish Ministry of Education.

· University application.

· Help with admission to all the fields of study

   (interviews, cover letters, etc).

After your Spanish-LCA course

· You can choose between 50 public or 33 private Spanish Universities

   All fields of studies at all levels (Bachelor's, Master's or PhD)

· 80% tuition fees scholarship

   granted to the international students by the Spanish government.

· You will be eligible to join university mobility programs:

   - EU Erasmus program to spend one year at a university in another European country (with the scholarship covering your cost of living)

  - Other exchange programs with universities worldwide.

GMAT, IELTS, TOEFL are NOT required for accessing a Spanish university. You will only need a high school or bachelor’s degree diploma from your country. We will legalize it for you before the Spanish Ministry of Education


if you know you will succeed





- Spanish: the second most-spoken language in the world, used by 572 million people, including 477 million native speakers (which is more than English).

- Official language in 21 countries

and one of the six official languages of the United Nations.

- International business language in Europe, US

and Latin America.

- Third language on the internet.

While you are attending the preparatory Spanish program, Campus Spain will take care of all the procedures and formal requirements that you need to meet in order to be successfully admitted to the undergraduate or postgraduate studies during the next academic year.

The main language of instruction of the Spanish public universities is Spanish. This is the reason why international students should dedicate their first year in Spain to learn the language. 

We offer a comprehensive Spanish Language, Culture and Adaptation to University Course (SPANISH-LCA) delivered in collaboration with the Language Center of the University of Vigo Foundation

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