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Study and Enjoy!.

the best way to access the Spanish university

You will

be the NEXT

to enjoy it.

Foto Tong Seong Yuen.jpg

Tong Seong Yuen

Foto Lew Shyuen Shyuen c.jpg

Lew Shyuen

Now: She studies in University

of Valencia (Spain)

Now: He studies in University

of Barcelona (Spain)


Mayoor Baiju


Luke Skoppelitus

Now: He studies in University

of Vigo (Spain)

Now: He studies in University

of Vigo (Spain)

If you like to enjoy


fondo ilust bosque.jpg

Fun and


A very important part of the SPANISH-LCA Course are the experiences that students live in a series of abundant leisure activities where in addition to continuing to practice the new language in a pleasant way, they live directly with the Spanish culture and the cultures of the other students of the course arrived from different parts of the world.


More experiences of young people like you.

Without a doubt, that you know the experiences of boys and girls from different countries and cultures is a good way that you know the advantages of the SPANISH-LCA course.

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