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স্পেন মধ্যে অধ্যয়ন 留学西班牙 Du học Tây Ban Nha  مطالعه در اسپانیا Studi di Spanyol دراسة في إسبانيا 스페인에서 공부하다 स्पेन में अध्ययन Учеба в Испании スペイン留学 Nag aaral sa Spain Nag tuon sa Spain

Our mission is to promote Spain, its culture and its language through educational projects.


We help foreign students who are willing to study in Spain, offering Spanish language and culture courses, as well as the access to degree and postgraduate studies at leading Spanish universities.

We are pleased to deliver to you all details on our ESPAÑOL LCA Course for the year 2018. For more details go to ESPAÑOL LCA



There are 84 universities in Spain (50 public and 34 private). They all deliver top level education in all fields of study and at all levels (degrees, postgraduates, PhDs). At the same time the tuition fees in Spain are one of the cheapest in Europe.




If you consider studying in Spain, our enthusiastic and experienced team will lead you throughout the entire process: starting from the election of the most adequate education program and university, ending up with all visa formalities, adaptation to the new culture, housing, or even airport pick-up.


We will be there for you from the day you decide to come to Spain and during your entire stay in our country, making you fill safe and correctly advised.



5 reasons why Spanish Universities are a great option for foreign students







   1. World’s top universities


Spanish universities have a great reputation in Europe and worldwide. There are 12 Spanish universities among top 500 universities in the world.


Spanish universities have also a very long tradition (the oldest, University of Salamanca, is 800 years old).


   2. You can benefit from living and studying in the European Union


Spain belongs to European Higher Education Area (EHEA), which implies that its universities apply very high unified European education standards. You will be also able to participate in European students exchange programs to study or undergo an internship.


Given that Spain belongs to the European Union, you can travel all over the continent (Paris, Rome, Berlin are all close and there are plenty of low-cost airlines which can take you there for less than you can imagine).


   3. Spain is a safe and friendly country for international students


There are already thousands of foreign students in Spain. They choose this country because it is extremely safe. The Spaniards are used to foreign visitors and treat them very well.


Needless to say Spain has a great climate which goes together with a long and beautiful seaside.


Studying in Spain will allow you to explore our culture and unique lifestyle (starting from the most famous museums in the world, and ending up with tapas, flamenco and the best football teams ever).


   4. Studying in Spain is affordable


The tuition fees at public universities are low. Living in Spain (food, entertainment and lodging) is also affordable, especially if you decide to study in a smaller academic center other than Madrid or Barcelona.


Foreign students are allowed to apply for scholarships, which includes special scholarship programs for international students only.


   5. You will learn Spanish


Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world, used by 400 million native speakers (which is more than English!). It is a third most used language in the Internet and one of the most important while doing business (not only in Europe but in the entire Latin America). Spanish is an official language in 20 countries and one of the six official languages of the United Nations. Definitely worth learning!


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