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Now: She studies in University

of Valencia (Spain)



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" I’m really satisfied with the Spanish LCA course as the teachers were very nice, patient and experienced".

Lew Shyuen

“Be brave to try something new, since you are young.”

Lew´s father

" I’m now studying Modern Language and Literature in the University of Valencia (Spain) "

Lew Shyuen

Lew Shyuen.

From Malaysia to Spain

Spain, a famous country for its football team, friendly people, bull fighting and flamenco dance, is the destination I chose to study in after finding out Campus Spain at an education fair.

Europe has always been my most desired place to study my undergraduate degree, but the high living expenses and tuition fees bothered me a lot. Obviously, I was impressed by the low tuition fee offered by the Spanish government.

After graduating from high school, people started asking me where I’m going to study. When I told them, I’m going to continue my studies in Spain, everybody was so shocked and worried.


The most frequent answer I got was:

“Why did you choose Spain?”

Well, I think you know what my answer was, but

there is more than one reason.


First and foremost, Spain offers lower tuition fees compared to other European countries. In certain regions, you may find tuition fees lower than 1000€ per year, but if you wish to study in big cities, the fees may be higher. In addition, the living cost in Spain are very low. According to my personal experience, I managed to spend only 60 euros each month for food, but I would like to emphasize, you have to cook yourself. My monthly expense were roughly around 120 Euros, including transportation fee, daily products and food.

Moreover, Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world. This is another fact that I put into my consideration to further my studies in Spain. As I wish to be an interpreter or a translator, learning a new language will definitely improve my future opportunities. Therefore, I chose to learn Spanish which is a worth-learning language.

These days, I’ve been sharing my study experience with lots of fresh graduates who are interested to further their studies in Spain through WhatsApp.


One of the most frequent asked question was:

“Is Spanish hard to learn?”

I think this is what most of the people are concerned of. I would say, if you have a certain basic of English, Spanish will be easier for you. If you don’t speak English, you’ll have to put more effort.

I’m really satisfied with the Spanish-LCA course as the teachers were very nice, patient and experienced. They explained everything with patience and included games into the lessons that helped us enhance our speaking skills and memorisation.

Furthermore, Campus Spain organised a bunch of activities which fulfilled my memory with happiness: at the very beginning of the course, we had a scavenger hunt activity to discover the city; in order to experience the Spanish culture, they arranged a Spanish cooking class with a famous Spanish cook that introduces to us a typical and super delicious Spanish food:tortilla! 


One of the leisure and language activities of the SPANISH-LCA course.


Cooking with a famous Spanish cook during Lev's course

At present.

I’m now studying Modern Language and Literature in the University of Valencia and although I’ve passed my B2 level Spanish exam, university life is still quite challenging for me.

According to my personal experience, I would like to emphasise that studying abroad is never easy, especially studying in a country far away from home, but I believe hard work pays off.
Studying abroad is a big decision, do not think that it’s something easy or relaxed. Once you’ve made the decision, all you need to do is to put in effort and achieve your dreams. This decision may cause you a lot of stress and homesick, but you’ll see yourself improving, becoming more mature and independent. Lastly, I would like to share one of my father’s words with you: “Be brave to try something new, since you are young.”


Valencia. Spanish city where

Lew Shyuen is currently studying

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In the summer we visited Cies Islands and we even climbed to the peak of the island to enjoy the marvellous view.

Cies Islands.

"The best beach in the world"

The Guardian

(U.K Newspapper)

La experiencia de Lew

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