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Intensive Spanish Course. On-Campus Experience. LIVE AND STUDY IN SPAIN

Spanish-LCA is a custom-made program specially designed for international students interested in studying in a university in Spain.

​The teaching plan follows "Instituto Cervantes" standards.

​Classes take place at the University of Vigo.


Intensive Spanish course. Delivered by the Language Center of the University of Vigo Foundation, in the city of Vigo (located in the north of Spain, nearby the Atlantic Ocean).


You will know the Spanish culture: trips, visits to museums, concerts, theaters, conferences, popular celebrations, etc. (All of them included in the tuition fees).


We will always be with you

and you will have at your disposal a language buddy, a native Spanish student for regular conversations and language skills improvement.

Your key to the Spanish university

Once you finish Spanish LCA course you will be eligible to access any of the 84 Spanish universities (50 public and 34 private)

They all deliver top level education in all fields of study and at all levels (Bachelor's degree, Master's and PhDs). At the same time the tuition fees in Spain are very affordable.

More info:

Spanish-LCA Campus Spain
Spanish-LCA Campus Spain


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