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Why are students choosing Spain as their study destination?

If you are reading this post, you might be on the process to decide your study abroad destination, or maybe you already know that you want to start your university life in Spain because you have read that the country is one of the most popular study abroad destinations among international students… But what makes this country so attractive?

In this post you will find some of the reasons why you should choose Spain as your study destination:

1. Chinese, Spanish and English: Spanish as the second most spoken language in the world

In a more and more globalised and interconnected world, language knowledge constitutes an asset for any student’s CV, and especially if this language is spoken by more than 573 million people and it is the official language of 21 countries.

The importance of the Spanish language is not only reflected by these figures, but by the presence of the language on the internet and in the business world. So… learning Spanish will open many doors for you!

2. Universities and their quality

In Spain there are 87 universities, 50 public and 37 private, and students can apply to all of them. But what is the best university to study in?

Spanish universities are number 1 in Europe and number 2 in the World in the QS 50 under 50 ranking. Besides, all Spanish universities are among the best 5% in the world.

However, when checking the rankings for Spanish universities, you should consult rankings by subjects. That is how you can find the best fit for you. In any case keep in mind that all Spanish universities must follow the standards of the Spanish Ministry of Education and EHEA, which means that all available options will be of high quality.

3. Low tuition fees

In Spain, public education is subsidized by the Spanish government. Spanish government subsidizes up to 90% of the cost of the bachelor’s or master’s degree studies, which will allow students to study starting from 700€ per year, depending on the university you choose.

4. Your pockets will thank you.

Even if the cost of living is variable among cities, to spend around 450€ per month will be enough to pay your rent and cost of living (food, phone, and transport). And even if you want to eat out or have a coffee in a bar, you will not spend much: a coffee costs around 1,20€ and a complete meal in a restaurant might cost around 7€, or even less if you order it at the university canteen.

5. Food, architecture, nature, art, and culture

Paella, tortilla, jamón serrano, empanada, sangria, chorizo, pulpo, gazpacho… these are just some of the top delicious Spanish dished that make part of the Spanish ga

stronomy. But Spain is not only well known for its food, but the Spanish territory is also culturally rich thanks to its art, history, and architecture.

6. Fiesta

Spanish people are characterised for being very welcoming, tolerant, and familiar. In the country, people are very festive and if you spend some time in Spain you will be able to enjoy the Spanish way of life by joining many musical festivals, parties or regional or na

tional celebrations that will not only approach you to the people but their culture.

7. Sports

If you are a sports fan Spain is your ideal destination!

Football is the national sport, and you will be able to enjoy the football matches of la Liga with worldwide recognised teams such as FC Barcelona or Real Madrid. In Spain football is a spectacle and if you want to meet the locals, you will just need to appr

oach a bar to see the match and experience the passion for sports.

However, there are other many sports where Spanish sportsmen and women stand out, basketball, tennis, or moto GP are just some of the most important.

These are just some reasons, but any international student that has spent his university life in Spain, would be able to give you many much more!

If you would like to start your experiences in Spain, and enjoy the benefits of being a Spanish studnets, in Campus Spain we can help you with that, just click here and discover more about the endless possibilites that Spain has for you.


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